Sunday, 21 March 2010

Interesting Tactics

This was taken before The Delphic Gig. Cambs Police need to change there tactics me thinks !

Delphic Gig Review (16/03/10)

Right first off all a quick recap on the band called Delphic .......Delphic are an alternative dance band from Marple Bridge, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.[1] They are signed to Polydor and released the single "Counterpoint" in April 2009 through R&S Records ... They supported The Streets last year with grate success showing crowds all over the place they could role with the big wigs of music. My experience of Delphic starts with a fantastic band called "Little Comets" these were the warm up band before and my god must they have been hot !! 2 of the guys were wearing the best old school kitted jumpers ever (To My friend James's mass amusement).

Putting fashion aside these guys were very good they had a very vampier weekend feel to them which to my ears is a good thing, they also had a fantastic use for what can only be described as a fuck off pot (Have a look online for any pics or sets by these guys and see) this is yet another thing me and james found an excellent addition to what was already a very crowded stage. If you get a chance to have a listen look them up on myspace or Facebook you will not be disappointed :) .

Back to the main event Delphic if you haven't herd them are a very very good band. there album Acloyte is a very good listen it covers a lot of ground and is easily absorbed but my god the live show is something ! Up until a few months ago i had not heard of these guys and i am so glad Mr Hobson got me to come with him. From the moment they came onto stage the energy level rise 100% the use of live instruments and Pads were spot on it was an amazing set. The 2 best tracks from the set had to be Halcyon and This Momentary both having so much sole spilled out of them on stage , Both me and Mr Hobson have been arguing over the best of these tracks so let me know what you think on here and i will stick one to him :)

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Right were to start ......... Basically im a critic on just about everything ask the guys i work with they will tell you ! i have so much to say i thought i would put it out there for everyone to read. A lot of this people are not going to agree with but we all have our own opinions just mine are possibly more relevant. Fingers crossed something you read on here may save you some money or open you up to something you never thought of trying ......... So were to begin :)